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At Flower First, we produce a range of high-quality cannabis products that showcase the unique characteristics of our growing environment. Our organic cultivation methods take place in both greenhouse and outdoor settings, with a focus on sustainability and thriving growing communities. In addition to packaging flower for retail, we manufacture edibles and other products onsite, and distribute our products to retailers. We also offer limited releases of unique, in-house varieties of premium, sun-grown cannabis flower.

Ready to Roll: Fireside and Fresh Flower from Flower First

We believe in the poetry of plants. Fireside, our inaugural subbrand, is an ode to this belief. Our meticulously crafted hash-infused joints are symphonies of terpenes and cannabinoids, inviting you to explore an enthralling experience. In addition to Fireside, we offer pre-packaged flower, each bud capturing Vermont’s natural beauty. Our products aren’t just cannabis; they’re stories waiting to be told, moments ready to be shared. Join us in this journey of discovery, one bud at a time.

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